about Temech

Temech is a nonprofit organization established in 2005. We are committed to empowering and training Orthodox women in Israel to maximize their employment opportunities and financial success.

We provide both the strategic and functional tools required for employment success. Simultaneously, we motivate top-tier employers to hire from Orthodox communities by cultivating industry alliances.

What Is The Temech Conference?

We want you to get the most of your conference day. Here are our goals:

To provide the practical tools, knowledge and motivation you need to increase your income

To help you meet others who are facing similar challenges so you can form valuable connections that lead to new business, referrals, joint ventures and mutual assistance

To do all of this in an environment that is comfortable for Orthodox women, and not only comfortable, but entertaining, warm, and fun

The Temech Conference is a non-profit event that is made possible thanks to support of generous donors and volunteers. We strive to bring you a world-class professional event, through the quality of the venue, presenters, facilities and food – at and affordable, subsidized price.

Get the tools and connections you need to grow!


Employment Creation And Enrichment

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Employment Creation And Enrichment
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