June 27, 2016
8:30 AM- 5 PM


Stand to Gain


The Ramada Hotel
Herzl Blvd, Jerusalem
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About the Conference

There are thousands of us in Israel.
Torah observant women who are building businesses – entrepreneurs, self-employees and freelancers. We are doing incredible work in every industry and field – some from a desk in the guestroom, others in the boardroom.
We don’t lack talent, idea and willingness to work, but there is one big thing we are missing: Community.
Community is a place where you learn, collaborate and refresh yourself with like-minded people. Temech is building your professional community. Our flagship event is the Temech conference, Israel’s annual summit of charedi and religious women in business.
We are proud to announce the 7th Temech Conference that is estimated to attract over 700 women at all stages of business development, in two separate tracks – English and Hebrew - and promises an exciting program of world-class speakers, power networking activities and practical takeaways.
You are invited to join us on June 27, 2016, at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem.

in memory of Henya Malka Lachner

Conference Program

Rave Reviews of the Temech Conference

  • “First, I wanted to tell you that the whole thing was AWESOME. I loved it, loved it, loved it, and gained so many skills, ideas and contacts!”

    Shira Svei, Interior Designer
  • “Thanks so much for a great event. I came away with several new clients thanks to the conference.”

    Sima Wolpin, Registered Tax Advisor
  • “The whole way home everyone said, “This was the best thing ever!” Everyone really loved it and gained some new tools. I personally made a lot of new connections.”

    Vichna Sara Zuroff, ADHD Behavioral Coach
  • “I met an amazing new contact at the Temech conference 2013, who connected me to a journalist at a major US News publication. They did a profile article of me and my business. This generated even more exposure and led to new clients for me from around the world.”

    Daniella Rudoff, Marriage Architect
  • “I was at the Conference yesterday and I really, really enjoyed it. I came away feeling rejuvenated, and with lots of tips and food for thought.”

    Perry Aysh, Kivun Branding and Advertising
  • “I’ve attended three out the four Temech conferences, and today’s was the best by far. The speakers were fantastic and the facilitated networking was amazing. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the workshops, too. (I know I enjoyed mine.)”

    CB Gavant, Writer and Copyeditor


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